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New door Installation Services

When you consider installing a new door, the first choice you have to make is whether you need an automatic door or a manual door.This simple decision is always guided by a number of garage needs and preferences. Discussing your needs and taste with an experienced garage door dealer can help you in making the right choice and avoid future regrets. According to Chappaqua garage door repair, NY door doctors, most people fall for automatic doors because they are modern, easy to operate and offers comfort on top of tight security. However an automatic door means a more complicated mode of operation for the door, more parts to maintain and repair in case of break down and more expenses during purchase and installation. An automatic door will not only give you headache with broken springs, it also requires new motor installation and door opener sensor among other parts. For such reasons some conservative garage door owners would prefer manual garage doors that cheaper to purchase and install plus less expensive to maintain. In some cases it is too expensive or impossible to replace an existing manual door with an automatic one. In such situations, the garage or home owner are forced to settle for a manual door due to financial and technical feasibility. Before settling for any type of garage door, it is always important to consult a well-informed technician just to make sure that you are making the right selection.